“Mingle is looking for complementary real estate partners/investors”

“Mingle is a company dedicated to providing exceptional financial returns to investor groups and individuals wanting passive income and equity in a private resort in the Philippines”

Mingle was started from scratch, we count every bits of sweat, and celebrate every milestones that we touched. We aim to be your trusted business partner to help you build your dream businesses beach resort in the Philippines.

Mingle is built from an obsesive passion in building local art and creative hospitality. The business is focusing its product and services for pleasure seeker, smart traveller, and business persona who appreciate value for money experience. By highlighting outstanding design and original artwork all over the premises, Mingle hopes customer will have a complete fulfillment and inspired to move forward.

Pre Opening & Consulting

From pre opening feedback and advice in line with design both exterior and interior; that consisted of space planning, engineering and constructions of the resort and its related facilities, until Pre-opening stage that follows after the technical (usually around 6 months before the soft opening), we make sure everything is under control and ready before any Mingle resort is started up and running.

Being the appointed advisor from conceptualizing, designing, and constructing, until the opening and managing the new resort, we’re building out your dream business and merging it with our brand to create something special.

Resort Management

Resort Management service incorporates all access to Mingle Resorts brand and functions related to the resort daily operations by using best practices and systems to maximize revenue while managing cost, which results in efficiency operations and strong bottom-line for our investor owners.

Franchise Agreements

Known as our Mingle brand concept and strong philosophy, we offer full support and guidance to each of our franchise partners by delivering a world-class product, proven resources, and advance training tools to help creating a successful resort business. The franchise partner will have access to our local distribution system including all design & technical resources and overall brand standard guidance to allow quality product and service deliverance for every Mingle destination.

Benefits for Resort Owners/Investors

Mingle is a privately backed, revenue generating, high-growth company. The structure of resort partnerships can have many aspects, but the two main requirements are stated below.

Revenue Share

Resort owners share in the profits from the property that Mingle is operating, but also share in the downside risk of a slow season or OR extrinsic event. This is a great option for those that want to buy an short term rental property but don’t want to operate it on their own.

Master Lease

Resort owners are not exposed to any occupancy risk, but also have no variable upside in renting resorts to Mingle. This is likely a less profitable option for the property owner. While a gross lease is preferred, Mingle will also entertain other types of master leases under the right circumstances.

Where We‘re Looking

Based on consumer demand, Mingle is looking to the following regions to build a number of boutique resorts:

Newcoast, Boracay, Mactan, Cebu, San Vincente, Palawan, San Jose, La Union, General Luna, Suriago, Calintaan, Bicol & White Beach, Puerto Gallera.

Let‘s Talk

If you own any resorts or beach front land in the above destinations please contact us. We provide pre opening services such as design, construction and management of any Mingle Resort. If so, please fill out the form below and our development team will be in touch shortly.